Mar Merrall is a gay artist from small town Ontario. They have completed a BA from the University of Waterloo, with a Knowledge Integration Minor, and an Intensive Studio Specialization. 

In her practice she uses text and illustration to create tender and playful narratives. She looks at how text and image work together to invoke memory and emphasize the everyday interactions we have. She looks at how we share space, moments, and time with those closest to us. She is interested in what makes something memorable, and how we remember specific moments we deem important. 

Working across a variety of media, she gravitates towards soft sculpture and illustration, but always finds a home in printmaking. She appreciates media that allows for spontaneity, creates surprises, and encourages play. She makes work with an emphasis on the type of care we give, in order to explore how we can move to be kinder and gentler in our actions. 

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