2019, collaborative piece
Martha Merrall, Hannah Sennik, Cassandra Merlihan, Emily Yuhong Jiang, Gurshan Deol, Aidan Power
Arduino, Breadboard, Arcade Push Buttons, Stepper Motors, V-belt, 3D Printed Gears, MDF, Vinyl Decals, IKEA Table, Neodymium Magnets, Metal Ball, Zen Garden Sand, Aquarium Rocks
ArtCade combines the notion of adversarial video games with the mindfulness of zen gardens through a collaborative process. The work aims to foster a sense of togetherness, as two users are needed to create drawings in the sand.  
When users step up to the machine, they can see the player on the other side and are encouraged to work together and test the unmarked buttons. Each button moves the magnet under the zen garden in a particular direction, which in turn, moves the ball through the sand. Users are free to explore and discover which buttons move in each direction, as the piece is meant to provide a space for reflection, curiosity and self-expression. 
Artcade was requested to be displayed in LUMEN 2019.
Unfortunately, this work was dismantled prior to the request. 

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