canvas shoes, embroidery floss
This piece is about the intimacy you and your partner share when you occupy the same space. I had both my partner and I spend a weekend writing down any thoughts we had that were either frequent or significant, and then took the thoughts and embroidered them onto this pair of shoes.  Embroidery to me is a medium of gratitude. There is something almost loving about having to be involved every step of the way and being conscious of every decision you make with the needle. It seemed a nice way to pay my partner back for being able to share all their thoughts from the weekend with me. That kind of intimacy is hard, to let others know what you’re thinking – especially when they are thoughts about each other. This was an exercise in looking at how your thoughts fill up the spaces around you, how you can occupy the same space and have a difference experience, and how sharing those things can ultimately bring you closer. 

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