fabric, embroidery floss
created for WOMEN2019 
I asked people in the area for their stories about the important women in their lives. Some of the stories were as short as a sentence and some were short essays. People shared stories of women from all walks of life, people they knew well, strangers they’d met one time. They talked about the support, care, and love women give and how that contributes to their well-being. From those stories I took out the commonalities and sewed and embroidered a tactile book that looks at what everyone valued most from the women around them and displayed the book in front of the original stories posted behind them. This piece was an exercise in reflection and care. This piece was incredible rewarding to make and I am thankful that there was such an incredible response from everyone who wanted to talk about the women in their lives. 
The full text reads as follows:
The Women You Meet Along the Way started out as a solo project, a way to thank the women in my life who have helped shape me into who I am today. But very soon I began to ask people to share their own stories of women who have made an impact, and this project grew and grew. I am thankful for everyone who contributed to this project sharing stories of strangers, friends, family, and other loved ones. Having the chance to listen to all these stories of incredible women has been a pleasure, and I’m grateful I was able to facilitate this project.​​​​​​​
Those who are a force of nature.
Those who make it easy to be yourself.
Those who are always kind.
Those who support you through whatever you do.
Those who are honest and upfront (and warn you about men in khakis).
Those who make love easy.
Those who make everyday life a little easier.
Those who are unafraid to do the unknown (and those who are afraid but do it anyways).
Those who push us to do better.
Those with open hearts, yet unwavering beliefs.
Those who go after what they want fearlessly.
Those who know their worth and don’t settle for less.
Those who make life brighter.
Those who believe in the goodness of others.
Those who take on the burdens of others.
Those who are working through their own burdens.
Those who do their best to learn and grow with you.
Those who challenge us.

The impact of women is wide and felt by all.

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